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Manufacturing Process Description


It has the facilities, technology and expertise.
To offer a wide range of chicle gum bases

for the confectionery industry.

Innovative, Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly & Healthy Products

Giving amazing benefits and features to all chewing gums.

Complying with: 

Food International Quality Standards

Technology Description

To obtain the chicle tree sap, completely cleansed, washed

and completely purified, 

Ready to be used in manufacturing for all types of natural chewing gums.

We need to apply a filtering process with temperature

and intensive mixing where. 

It is necessary to add natural candelilla wax and natural citrus complex, 

to prevent the degradation and fermentation of chicle tree resin sap.

Description of the Components in Natural Ingredients 

Chicle Tree Sap 

Hydrocarbons that are natural isoprenes monomers, Cis 1,4 and Trans 1,4, 

Yellow resins,consisting primarily Triterpenes Acetate Lupeol acetate

B-amyrin acetate

Spinasterol acetate, hexane/ethyl acetatea nd other natural resin types.

Taraxasterol,triterpene alcohols, sugars, tannins, inorganic salt, vitamins, proteins, amino-acids and starches.


Candelilla Wax 

Mainly hydrocarbons  (about 50%, chains with 29–33 carbons) 

Esters of higher molecular weight (20–29%)  Free acids (7–9%) 

Resins (12–14%, mainly triterpenoid esters) Inorganic products 

Alcohols complex with even-numbered carbon chains (C28 to C34).

Natural Citric Acid Complex  

it is used to stop the fermentation of chicle tree sap.

Extracted from the peel of various citrus fruits

(Lemon, Grapefruit, Lime, etc.).

Transformation Chemical Reaction

The chicle sap contains natural isoprene molecules

in the form of monomers 

Which we convert into natural poly-soprenes.

We use thermal tanks with controlled conditions throughout the process. 

we apply high temperature and adjustments in the agitation, 

until achieving the complete reaction of all isoprenes, 

and produce different combinations of terpene compounds 

These polymeric molecules are complex in structure. 

This process also takes place the esterification with candelilla wax.

of all yellow acetate resins transforming them into ester gum resins.

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