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AB Natural Base SA
Organisation Chart

Our companies has more than 35 years

In the extraction of Chicle Sap and manufacture of

Natural Gum Bases


1982 - Foundation of the company: MEXITRADE INTERNACIONAL SA CV

with the purpose of carrying out the development of new products and to achieve the

introduction in the international markets of woods originating from the Mexican Jungles.

1989 - Signing of the International Joint Venture agreement consisting of:

Mexican Government, Mitsui LTD Japan and  Mextrade Internacional to reactivate and

modernize,the act of extraction of Chicle Tree Sap.

1990 - Start of exports of Jungle Blocks Chicle to the Japanese market.

1992 - Signing of commercial exclusivity contract and technological exchange,

Integrated by Mitsui LTD Japan, Lotte LTD Japan and Mexitrade International,

for the transformation of Jungle Blocks Chicle into  Natural Gum Bases 

1993 - Installation of Gum Base Chicle manufacturing operation in Mexico City

with the technological support of Lotte LTD Japan.

1997 - NATIONAL EXPORT AWARD is received.

1998 - Inclusion of producers for the supply of Jungle Chicle in communities of

Mexico, Belize,Guatemala, Nicaragua and Suriname.


2004 - Termination of commercial exclusivity agreement with Mitsui LTD Japan

2005 - Foundation of the company Aboaf SA CV

for international marketing of Natural Chicle Gum Bases

2009 - Foundation of the company Aboafsite SA CV,

for commercialization of Natural Chewing Gums Private Label 

2020 - Foundation of the company AB Natural Base SA CV,

for commercialization of Natural Chicle Gum Bases.

Other business sectors.

Precious and Tropical Woods =

Manufacture of Wood Products =


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