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Delivery System Features


The Chicle Tree Sap

Manilkara Sapota

Has the function to store and distribute with the system optimum nutrients

to the tree body.

Taking advantage of this feature all ingredients in the formulation.

Are inside the molecular structure of chicle gum base.

To make a homogeneous and efficient delivery function.

Giving the possibility of making gradual deliveries to be buccal absorption results in fast onset of action  

For this is the perfect delivery system for herbal, functional

and pharma actives.

It Is key to the rapid onset of the alkaloids action as well.

With swift transit through the capillary rich mucous membrane

lining the mouth, 

Additional to the efficient delivery system it offers. 

Approximately 90% absorption of actives can be achieved with

chicle gum base, 

Compared to a 40% obtained with conventional gum base synthetic.

For this reason, the amount of actives in formulation is reduced.



This study compares the 3 best gum bases on the market.

HIG & ARTICA-T (Cafosa) y Natural Chicle Gum Base ( Aboaf ).

To know the best masking of the bad taste of functional-pharma actives.

and with the best efficiency to deliver all ingredients in formulations.


For these scientific reasons :

The Natural Chicle Gum Base:

It is considered in the world market,

The Best Gum Base,

The Best delivery system:

Is the product that revolutionizes the nutraceuticals / functional markets.

Ecological & Biodegradable Benefits

Biodegradation Process Description 

In environmental terms, all its ingredients as they are of

natural origin are completely biodegradable.  

That it is can be affected:

By physical factors such as temperature, light ( UV ), moisture, 

By chemical factors such as hydrolysis caused by a change in PH,  

By the action of enzymes which contain the saliva of each person 

By the microbial process in the substrate where

the product was discarded.

All these environmental factors have great variants in order

to make exact estimates, 

of time to achieve the ultimate degradation reactions

of these natural products, 

for transformation in carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, methane, inorganic molecules and water.

It can be considered that the estimated time to observe

that the product is integrated 

into the environment will be: 12 to 15 months after chewing.

Scientific article with biodegradable studies.

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