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FDA Federal Regulations 

FDA Reg AB Nat Base SA.png
FDA Reg N AB Nat Base SA.png

is a non-nutritive masticatory substance inert and insoluble product, 

Used as a support and make delivery

For the edible and soluble portion inside of chewing gums

(sugar, glucose, polyols and flavors).  

This is the general description throughout the world

What to apply: Chicle Gum Base 

Recognised by: FDA USA

FDA 21 CFR 172.615

Food Chemicals Codex 

Chemical Name :Chicle Tree Sap Gum Base; 

CAS No :802177-0 ; 

CB Number: CB410754

FDA Federal Regulations

International Quality Certificates

International Quality Certificates.

With strict quality control in all stages of manufacturing 

To offer products that comply with: International Quality Standards

Our company is continuously audited in all its operations and procedures
for which it has obtained the following international certificates.


ISO -14001

ISO - 22000

ISO - 9001

ISO - 26000

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